The Surviving Saturday Startups


By Saturday morning, a few of the top six ideas were not able to garner enough support to move forward.  But another one has risen from the ashes of Career Node. The yet to be named automated music mixing software has been born.  Oh wait!  They have all decided that automated music mixing is too hard to execute in a weekend.  So now they have another idea.  It is a local anonymous chat room service they call Speak Easy.

Another startup that has risen from a group of people that couldn’t find a team is  The team brainstormed everything from a Craigslist clone to before settling on this student loan service.

Here are the six ideas in active development:
1. Dock Slip: AirBnb for parking your boat.
2. Shared Care: A system which allows patients, care providers and relatives to monitor daily health stats for a patient.  It could proactively prevent hospital visits saving millions of dollars.
3. Pioneer: A company that offers its drone services to other companies who do not have expertise in drones.
4. Espacio Coworking: A coworking space that emphasizes creating an entrepreneurial culture across all age levels from children to adults.
5. A service that allows individuals to buy out student loans at a lower rate than the debtor is currently paying.
6. Speak Easy: A local anonymous chatroom service.


Christopher Schmidt discusses Pioneer drones with mentors from SCORE.

Want to hear more about each of these Startups? Come to the Startup Weekend Traverse City Presentations at the Hagerty Center on NMC’s Great Lakes Campus on Sunday at 5pm. The presentations are free and open to the community.

The Hagerty Center

The Hagerty Center